I enjoy doing interviews about my work. I spoke about Who Does Wrong When an Organisation Does Wrong at the podcast Dialogues. I spoke about organisations’ climate-related responsibilities at the magazine Alusta.

I’ve ran sessions with high school students on the ethics of giving to charity, and on the importance of individual action in solving large-scale problems, and on whether individual citizens are culpable for what their states do. I spoke to the Port Macquarie Philosophy Forum about citizens’ responsibility for their states’ actions in October 2019.

I wrote a short article on on organisational wrongdoing for the ABC. I wrote about my book Group Duties for The Page 99 Test.

Perhaps the most fun engagement activity I’ve done was called “Stand-Up Philosophy”, in which two comedians and two philosophers each gave twenty-minute talks on the topic of “Effective Altruism.” You can check out my talk on YouTube.