I enjoy doing interviews about my work. Here are some you can listen to:
The nature of group agents and their duties – at ABC’s podcast The Philosopher’s Zone.
Who does wrong when an organisation does wrong? – at the podcast Dialogues.
Everyone’s Responsibility – at the podcast Thinking Philosophy
Organisations’ climate-related responsibilities – at the magazine Alusta.

I’ve also written a few public-facing articles:
– One on care ethics for the ABC.
– One on organisational wrongdoing for the ABC.
– One about my book Group Duties for The Page 99 Test.

I’ve ran sessions with high school students on the ethics of giving to charity, and on the importance of individual action in solving large-scale problems, and on whether individual citizens are culpable for what their states do. I’m always keen to do more of that. I spoke to the Port Macquarie Philosophy Forum about citizens’ responsibility for their states’ actions in October 2019.

Perhaps the most fun engagement activity I’ve done was called “Stand-Up Philosophy”, in which two comedians and two philosophers each gave twenty-minute talks on the topic of “Effective Altruism.” You can check out my talk on YouTube.