Organisations as Wrongdoers: From Ontology to Morality will be published by Oxford University Press in early 2023.

The book has three parts. Part I, ‘Metaphysics,’ explains how organisations have material existence and how that existence relates to organisations’ members. I push the surprising view that organisations are material objects with humans as material parts (much like how a pizza is a material object with slices as material parts).

Part II, ‘Morality,’ explains how organisations can be blameworthy under three popular contemporary approaches to blameworthiness: the volitionist, attributivist, and aretaic approaches. I respond to a sentience-based objection to organisations’ blameworthiness, in the process of which I push the surprising view that organisations can literally feel guilt (when members feel guilt qua members).

 Part III, ‘Members,’ explains the implications of organisations’ wrongdoing for members. I catalogue the various ways members can be ‘implicated’ in organisational wrongdoing and provide guidance on how reparative burdens should be apportioned amongst members. Here, I push the totally unsurprising view that reparative burdens should be apportioned in accordance with members’ level of implication in the organisation’s wrongdoing.

If you’d like to see the final draft of the book, I would love to send it to you — just email me.