Below are my published articles, book chapters, and reviews. You can download them by clicking on ‘pre-print’. (Note that these are not the officially paginated versions.)

Forthcoming. ‘Abilities and Obligations: Lessons from Non-agentive Groups.’
Erkenntnis. Pre-print.

Forthcoming. ‘A Human Right to Relationships?’ 
In Kimberley Brownlee, David Jenkins, and Adam Neal (eds), Being Social: The Philosophy of Social Human Rights. Oxford University Press. Pre-print.

Forthcoming. ‘Role Obligations to Alter Role Obligations.’
In Alex Barber and Sean Cordell (eds), The Ethics of Social Roles. Oxford University Press. Pre-print.

Forthcoming. ‘I, Volkswagen.’
The Philosophical Quarterly. Pre-print.

Forthcoming. ‘Being Sure of Each Other by Kimberley Brownlee.’ (Substantive book review.)
Mind. Preprint.

2021. ‘Interconnected Blameworthiness.’ With Niels de Haan.
The Monist, 104/2: 195-209. Pre-print.

2021. ‘We the People: Is the Polity the State?’ With Holly Lawford-Smith.
Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 7/1: 78-97. Pre-print.

2020. ‘How Much Can We Ask of Collective Agents?’
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 50/7: 815-831. Pre-print.

2020. ‘Corporations’ Duties in a Changing Climate.’
In Jeremy Moss and Lachlan Umbers (eds), Climate Justice and Non-State Actors: Corporations, Regions, Cities, and Individuals. Routledge. Pre-print.

2020. ‘Are Organisations’ Religious Exemptions Democratically Defensible?’
Daedalus, 149/3: 105-118. Pre-print.

2020. ‘Collective Responsibility and International Relations.’
In Saba Bazargan-Forward and Deborah Tollefsen (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Collective Responsibility.  Routledge. Pre-print.

2019. ‘Beyond Individualism.’
In Hilary Greaves and Theron Pummer (eds), Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues. Oxford University Press. Pre-print.

2019. ‘Collective Responsibility Gaps.’
Journal of Business Ethics, 154/4: 943-954. Pre-print.

2018. ‘Who Does Wrong When an Organisation Does Wrong?’
In Kendy Hess, Violetta Igneski, and Tracy Isaacs (eds), Collectivity: Ontology, Ethics, and Social Justice. Rowman and Littlefield. Pre-print.

2018. ‘The Government Should Be Ashamed: On the Possibility of Organisations’ Emotional Duties.’
Political Studies, 66/4: 813-829. Pre-print.

2018. ‘When Does ‘Can’ Imply ‘Ought’?’
International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 26/3: 354-375. (Special issue on ‘Sacrifice’.) Pre-print.

2017. ‘Filling Collective Duty Gaps.’
Journal of Philosophy, 114/11: 573-591. Pre-print.

2017. ‘Responsibility for States’ Actions: Normative Issues at the Intersection of Collective Agency and State Responsibility’ With Holly Lawford-Smith.
Philosophy Compass, 12/11: 1-8. Pre-print.

2017. ‘Care Ethics: The Four Key Claims.’
In David Morrow (ed.), Moral Reasoning. Oxford University Press. Pre-print.
Reprinted in Mark Timmons (ed.), Disputed Moral Issues. Oxford University Press, 2019.

2017. ‘Duties of Group Agents and Their Members.’
Journal of Social Philosophy, 48/1: 38–57. Pre-print.

2016. ‘The Claims and Duties of Socioeconomic Human Rights.’
The Philosophical Quarterly, 66/265: 701–722. Pre-print.

2016. ‘Distributing States’ Duties.’
Journal of Political Philosophy, 24/3: 344–366. Pre-print.

2016. ‘Collectives’ Obligations and Individuals’ Obligations: A Parity Argument.’ With Holly Lawford-Smith.
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 46/1: 38–58. Pre-print.

2016. ‘The Transfer of Duties: from Individuals to States and Back Again.’ With Holly Lawford-Smith.
Pp. 150-172 in M. Brady and M. Fricker (eds), The Epistemic Life of Groups. Oxford University Press. Mind Association Occasional Series. Pre-print.

2014. ‘Are “Coalitions of the Willing” Moral Agents?’ (Reply to Toni Erskine.)
Ethics and International Affairs, 28/1: online. Pre-print.

2013. ‘Collectives’ Duties and Collectivization Duties.’
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 91/2: 231–248. Pre-print.

2013. ‘Duties to Make Friends.’
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 16/5: 907–921. (BSET Special Issue). Pre-print.