I enjoy doing interviews about my work. Here are some you can listen to:
On the dangers of egocentric speech – at ABC’s podcast The Minefield.
On monarchy and politics – at ABC’s podcast The Minefield.
On care ethics – at ABC’s podcast The Philosopher’s Zone.
On whether the pandemic has revealed the unassailability of utilitarianism – at ABC’s podcast The Minefield.
On the nature of group agents and their duties – at ABC’s podcast The Philosopher’s Zone.
On the moral values that might come out of the coronavirus pandemic – at ABC’s podcast The Minefield.
On which individuals do wrong when an organisation does wrong – at the independent podcast Dialogues.
On collective responsibility – at ACU’s podcast Thinking Philosophy.
On social responsibility and culpability – at 3CR Community Radio’s podcast Radical Philosophy.
On organisations’ climate-related responsibilities – at the magazine Alusta.

I’ve also written articles for media outlets:
Reform of Australia’s Aged Care System Must Address Role Played by Profit in Provider Organisations, with Luara Ferracioli, at the ABC.
Tradies and Trade-offs: The Price of Mandatory Vaccination at the ABC.
Sex Under Lockdown, But Not Friendship? The Discriminations of Intimacy, with Luara Ferracioli, at the ABC (with a follow-up interview at The Conversation here).
Are You Complicit In Deaths If You Don’t Stay Home? How to Do Good During the Virus Lockdown at The Conversation.
Why We Should Care About ‘Care Ethics’ at the ABC.
When Banks Go Bad, Who’s to Blame? at the ABC.
Group Duties at The Page 99 Test.

I’ve ran sessions with high school students on the ethics of giving to charity, and on the importance of individual action in solving large-scale problems, and on whether individual citizens are culpable for what their states do. I spoke to the Port Macquarie Philosophy Forum about citizens’ responsibility for their states’ actions in October 2019. I spoke to Melbourne’s Lyceum Club about the same topic in September 2020. If you run a philosophy club or community group, feel free to get in touch.

Perhaps the most fun public engagement activity I’ve done was called “Stand-Up Philosophy”, in which two comedians and two philosophers each gave twenty-minute talks on the topic of “Effective Altruism.” You can check out my talk on YouTube.