Me in Boston in 2018, giving a talk about how groups can do harm.

Below are the academic events at which I will give, and have given, talks about my research.
I’m always keen to receive invitations.

‘Philosophers Meet Critics’, University of Cologne, October (online).
Philosophy Seminar Series
, University of Sydney, May (possibly in person!! omg!). 
‘Individual Responsibility and Climate Injustice’ conference, online at
‘PPE in a Time of Pandemic’ Seminar,
 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, April (via Zoom).
Health Ethics Seminar Series, University of Sydney, March (via Zoom).
‘Group Thinking’ Seminar, University of Leeds, March (via Zoom).
‘Social Freedom and Collective Action’ Seminar, University of Bayreuth, January (via Zoom).

Public Philosophy Seminar, Anglia Ruskin University, December (via Zoom).
Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Australasia Annual Conference, November (via Zoom) (keynote).
Philosophy Seminar, Macquarie University, September (via Zoom).
Philosophy Seminar
, Lingnan University, August (via Zoom).
Social Ontology 2020, University of Neuchâtel, July (online).
Philosophy Seminar
, Deakin University, May (via Zoom).
Practical Philosophy Seminar, Gothenburg University, April (via Zoom).
Workshop on Christine Hobden’s monograph manuscript ‘Citizenship in a Globalised World’,
Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, April (via Slack).
Philosophy Seminar, Dianoia Institute of Philosophy at ACU, March.

Philosophy Seminar, University of Sydney, November.
Victoria Postgraduate Philosophy Conference (keynote), University of Melbourne, November.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Wollongong, October.
Philosophy Seminar
, Monash University, October.
Workshop on Collective and Shared Responsibility, University of Manchester, September.
Workshop on my book ‘Group Duties’, University College Dublin, September.
‘Fair Limits’ Seminar
, Utrecht University, September.
Summer School in PPE, University of Groningen, August.
Social Ontology 2019 (keynote), Tampere University, August.
Workshop on Feasibility and Poverty, Australian National University, August.
Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference, University of Wollongong, July.
Workshop on Group Agency and Belief, University of St Andrews, July.
Conference on Social Agency, Group Agency, and Relational Normativity, University of Vienna, June.
Philosophy Seminar, Bristol University, June.
Conference on Social Human Rights, Warwick University, June.
Philosophy Society Seminar, Lund University, May.
Conference on Group Agency and Collective Responsibility, University of Vienna, May.
Conference on Religion and Democracy, ACU Rome Campus, March.
Workshop on Elizabeth Kahn’s draft monograph ‘Global Poverty, Structural Injustice, and Collectivisation’, University of Melbourne, March.
Australian Political Theory and Philosophy Conference, University of Canberra, February.
Australasian Moral Philosophy Conference, Australian National University, January.

Philosophy Seminar, Australian Catholic University, October.
Philosophy Seminar, La Trobe University, October.
Philosophy Seminar, Australian National University, September.
Workshop on draft of my ‘Group Duties’ monograph, Australian National University, August.
Conference of the International Social Ontology Society, Tufts University, August.
Workshop on ‘Oughts’ and ‘Cans’ for Groups, Australian National University, August.
Joint Session of the Aristotelean Society and the Mind Association (plenary), University of Oxford, July.
Workshop on Demandingness in Practice, University of Munster, June.
Workshop on draft of my ‘Group Duties’ monograph, Central European University, June.
Braga Meetings in Ethics and Political Philosophy, University of Braga, June.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Sydney, May.
Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry Seminar, Australian Catholic University, May.
Melbourne Applied Philosophy Seminar
, University of Melbourne, May.
Meetings in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, New Orleans, April.
Workshop on Frank Hindriks’ draft monograph ‘The Structure of Society’, Groningen University, March.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Birmingham, January.

New Zealand Association of Philosophers Conference, University of Otago, December.
Workshop on Collective Punishment, University of Melbourne, November.
Workshop on Collective Responsibility, University of Helsinki, November.
Political Theory Seminar, University College London, November.
Workshop on Collectivism in War, University of Manchester, September.
Workshop on Group Agents and Structural Injustice, University of Manchester, September.
European Network for Social Ontology Conference, Lund University, August.
Workshop on Role Ethics, University of Edinburgh, July.
Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference, University of Copenhagen, June.
Workshop on Anne Schwenkenbecher’s draft monograph ‘Joint Agency’, Central European University, June.
Workshop on Collective Agency and Political Philosophy, London School of Economics, June.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Auckland, April.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Otago, March.
Moral, Social & Political Theory Seminar, Australian National University, March.
Graduate Conference in Political & Legal Theory (keynote), University of Warwick, February.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Warwick, February.

Workshop on Responsibility in Complex Systems, Umeå University, Dec.
Workshop on Effective Altruism, University of Oxford, Nov.
Workshop on States as Collective Agents, Princeton University, Sep.
Workshop on Collective Agency, University of Manchester, Sep.
Collective Intentionality Conference X, Delft University of Technology, Sep.
Practical Philosophy Workshop, Saarland University, July.
Workshop on Methods in Normative Political Theory, University of Limerick, July.
Association for Social and Political Philosophy Conference, London School of Economics, June.
Workshop on Role Ethics, Open University, June.
Workshop on Care Ethics, University of Sheffield, June.
Mancept Internal Conference, University of Manchester, June.
Moral Philosophy Seminar, University of Oxford, May.
Workshop on Effective Altruism, University of St Andrews, March.
Health Care Ethics Seminar Series, University of Sheffield, Feb.
Workshop on David Estlund’s draft monograph ‘Utopophobia’, University of Warwick, Feb.

Workshop on Collective Responsibility, University of Jyväskylä, Dec.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Bristol, Nov.
Centre for Ethics, Law & Public Affairs Seminar, University of Warwick, Nov.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Sheffield, Nov.
Workshop on Duties of Beneficence, University of Manchester, Sep.
Conference on Collective Responsibility for the Future, University College Dublin, June.
Workshop on Shared Actions and Collective Responsibilities, Groningen University, Apr.
Responsibility and Punishment Seminar Series, University of Leeds, March.
Philosophy Seminar, University of Manchester, Feb.

Centre for Ethics and Metaethics Seminar, University of Leeds, Nov.
Political Theory Workshop, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Oct.
Political Philosophy Seminar, London School of Economics, Oct.
Workshop on Collectivity, University of Bristol, Sep. (Keynote.)
Workshop on Collective Obligation, University of Manchester, May. (Organiser.)
Political Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Manchester, Apr.

Manchester Centre for Political Theory Seminar, University of Manchester, Oct.

Political Theory Seminar, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Nov.
Political Theory Seminar, University of Essex, Sep.
Autonomy Seminar Series, University of Essex, Sep.
Collective Intentionality Conference, University of Manchester, Sep.
British Society for Ethical Theory Conference, University of Stirling, July.
Brave New World Political Theory Conference, University of Manchester, June.

Moral, Social, & Political Theory Seminar, Australian National University, Dec.
Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference, Monash University, Apr.
Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference, Otago University, Jul.

New Zealand Association of Philosophy Conference, University of Waikato, Dec.
Philosophy Graduate Seminar, Monash University, Sep.
Philosophy Graduate Seminar, Melbourne University, Sep.
PhilSoc Seminar, Australian National University, Aug.